ThRee Golden PRAying mAntises
Artist Annie Hickman sculpts these costumes 
with basket weaving and sewing. 2011-2013
RAdiAnt SunGods
A statuesque, robotic dance performance suitable to a variety of venues: 
theatres, gardens, zoos, museums, and art festivals. The Mantis costumes perform as an ensemble — protectors of those who creep, crawl, swim, run, and fly. 

mAntis mAndAlAs
A theatrical stage presentation featuring three exquisite mantises in a set of three mandala designs. The mantis dancers assume a pose of stillness on a large circular mandala platform. As the platform turns to a hypnotic and mesmorizing sound score, their slow, tightly choreographed movements reveal the joyful shapes of nature, creating a magnificent vision — a kinetic sculpture comes to life. 

This is a compelling and courageous art form.
On two smaller mandala discs stand praying mantis sculptures, erect as the needle of a sun dial: the Keepers of Time. 
From a pole in the center of each mandala hangs a pendulum which strikes a singing bowl to begin the dance. 
A huge red and gold butterfly takes center stage covering the mantises as they converge on the mandala platform.

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