Annie Hickman Q1

quotes from the audience

Annie Hickman Q4

“Whether you play before audiences of children, adults or any combination they are spellbound, charmed and completely in love with you and your creativity.”
—The National Theatre, Washington, DC

“The costumes were simply breathtaking, the dance superb and the program is packed with wonderful educational material.”
—Rochester Museum and Science Center, NY

“Your presentation was by far one of the most unique, colorful and enjoyable productions ever presented at the Children’s Museum.”
—The Utica Children’s Museum, NY

“Your imaginative performance not only delights the children, but educates them as well.”
—Wayne County Council for the Arts, NY

“…what places her in a unique area of children's entertainment and education is her uncanny ability to design, construct and enter/exit a wide variety of very large costumes that are so beautifully made. She spares no effort or expense to deliver each insect in its own special characteristics to the enthralled applause of all.”
—Huntington Arts Council, NY

“Like the hundreds of children at the festival, I was mesmerized by Annie's costume characters, particularly the lizard and the praying mantis.”
—The Richmond Children's Festival, VA

Annie Hickman Q2

“She touches her audiences in ways most of them have never been touched before in a performance situation. They leave the performance space glowing because of what Annie has done and how she has done it. What Annie does is always entertaining, but it is much more than that: it is a kind of healing art.”
—Artpark, NY

“Everybody, young and old, was enthralled by your artful creatures. Your insect costumes...are living sculptures.”
—Wayne County Council for the Arts, NY

“Every school child in America should have the opportunity to touch kindred spirits with Annie Hickman—it is a moment that they will never forget.”
—Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, NY